Greyhound Walking Club of San Diego

Greyhound Walking Club of San Diego -

Join Us on Our Monthly Greyhound Walks in San Diego County


We are the Greyhound Walking Club of San Diego County

Our shared passion is our love for our amazing companions – rescued Greyhounds. We meet once per month – always in a new location, and always for a good time, a good walk, and chance to share our love of these amazing pets.

We meet on the first Saturday or Sunday (varies) of every month. There are twelve walks per year. Each walk is in a unique location around scenic San Diego County.

Check our schedule and directions/maps Рthen come on out and join us.

There’s nothing to register. Nothing to fill out. Simply show up at our next walk and enjoy the time with your Greyhound.

Considering adopting a Greyhound?

These walks are a great opportunity to speak with longtime Greyhound owners and see firsthand why these amazing dogs make such wonderful companions. There are also several excellent Greyhound rescue / adoption centers in the San Diego area. Here’s a link to them.